Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sorta Kinda Answered Prayer

Remember this from my last post....

""Dear God, please give me something mildly debilitating.  Enough to keep me indoors on Saturday yet still have me well for church and running the kids to school.  I know it's my time for sickness and I will gladly accept it.  Amen."

God doesn't always answer our prayers with a yes.  At least he hasn't answered this one yet.  He'll probably do it sometime in the middle of next week."

Well guess what?  I've been sick every day this week.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Up until this morning it's been stomach issues.  (I tried to put that politely.)  This morning I woke up with a sore throat and throbbing ears.  Ugh.....  This is what I want to do today....
Curl up in my nice warm bed with Da Tote and Da Smidge.

Here's what I need to do today....
Take this out.
Put this in order.
Feed this umpteen times.
Take this to school later.
Tackle this.
Put this where it belongs.
Let this thing out 28 times today.  (You'll have to tilt your head to the right.  For some reason it's loading on its side.  Sorry.)
Save the cat from this kid 1,637 times.
Give yet another sermon on why this is NOT ok.
Wash, dry, and put away the ever growing pile of this.
Drag these two out of the tree 793 times.

But who am I kidding....
I'll probably do this most of the day.

I have a good excuse!

Sincerely Sick,

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