Friday, September 23, 2011

My Garage Sale "Woo Hoo!"

    For those of you who don't know, I LOOOOOOOOVE GARAGE SALES!  I also like thrift stores, but usually garage sales have better prices and you can bargain with them.  There's no better feeling than going to a garage sale and finding something you really wanted, but didn't want to pay full price for at a department store.  Well today that happened for me!  I was coming home from dropping Ian off at school and what did I see in someones driveway.....a huge stack of reversible floor mats!  You know the kind that are bright colors that lock together like puzzle pieces.  We purchased two packs when we first moved in our house to go on the basement floor where the kids play.  (Please excuse the disaster you are about to see.)

   They cost $21.68 for an 8 pack!  I've been wanting two more packs, but couldn't part with $44 of hard earned cash.  Soooooooo, I raced home and grabbed $20 I had stashed in one of my drawers and raced back to the garage sale.  The guy wanted $20 for the whole stack!  I said YES!
      So I got 40 mats, including the side pieces, for $20.  Retail would have cost me $110!  And yes, they are in great shape!  And guess what..... 
   I got a popcorn maker, too!  I only had $20 so I asked the guy if he'd throw in the popcorn maker and he said sure.  It never hurts to ask!  I just pulled it out of the box.  It's still in plastic and it looks like it's never been used. 

Thank you Jesus for this exciting find today!
(but not as much as you, Jesus)
An Easily Excited Thrifter

Saturday, September 17, 2011


    Raise your hand if you have a husband who is better in the kitchen than you are.  I know someone is raising their hand.  I feel your pain.  Part of my job is to cook for our family and I stink at it.  Remember....I'm the kitchen dyslexic.  My hubsband however is pretty darn good at it.  Strange considering he's such a picky eater.  You'd think he wouldn't even like to cook, much less be good at it.  But he does.  And he is.  And I loathe it.

    Last week we were thinking of ways to save money on our grocery bill.  One thing we decided was to make our own macaroni and cheese instead of buying boxes and boxes of the Kraft stuff.  We could make a big batch and the kids could eat it a few times during the week.  Much cheaper and better for you than the boxed stuff.  So upon googling mac-n-cheese recipes, I came across a recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  I love her blog!  My sister turned me on to it.  She mostly loves the cooking part of it.  I mostly love everything but the cooking part of it.  It's torture looking at recipes and pictures of beautiful food that you know have to taste wonderful, when you know you'd mess all of it up.  (Remember....I'm the kitchen dyslexic.)   Nevertheless, I decided to try her mac-n-cheese recipe.  It looked yummy.  It looked easy.  And how can you mess up mac-n-cheese?  (For a moment I forgot who I was.....the kitc.....oh you know!)  So we made our grocery list and headed to the store.  Before going to King Soopers, we stopped at Sam's to stock up on a few items that we use enough to purchase in bulk.  One of those was macaroni noodles.  Six pounds of macaroni noodles!  We also purchased two pounds of cheddar cheese and nine pounds of Quaker oatmeal.  We like brown sugar in our oatmeal, so I should have purchased (you have to say this in your best Marilla Cuthbert voice) "Twenty pounds of brooown sugar!"  If you don't know who Marilla Cuthbert is, then you really need to watch Anne of Green Gables.  It's a classic.  I want to watch it right now.  I'm chasing rabbits.  Back to the mac-n-cheese!

    To make what could be a very long story short.......I burnt the roux and curdled the cheese.  You can imagine how that tasted.  Brian kept saying, "It'll be fine.  Maybe not the best, but we'll still be able to eat it."  Poor guy.  He knew it would be bad, but he hated that fact that we used one pound of cheese and four cups of dry noodles, and he was not gonna waste that!  We choked down half of our portions on our plates.  Well, we as in everybody but Wesley.  He shoveled it down and asked for more.  That kid is weird.  I finally convinced Brian that we had to toss it.  He agreed and shed a tear as I chunked it in the trash.  He's so cheap.  I vowed to never make it again.  He said I was not allowed to give up and just because we messed it up once didn't mean we could quit.  He said that since I knew what went wrong that I had to keep trying until I got it right.  Wasn't that sweet and encouraging of him.  I wanted to knock his head off.  He was supposed to say, "That darn Pioneer Woman!  Her recipe must not have been right.  She probably did it on purpose just to make you feel terrible!  We'll just stick to the boxed stuff." 

    So tonight my dear hubsband decided to make it himself.  With my limited help, of course.  And guess what.  It was good.  It needed a bit more salt, but other than that, it was really, really good.  I dislike him sometimes.  As much as I wanted to stomp to my room and pout, I seized the moment and told him how good of a cook he was and now that he gets home at 4:00 in the afternoon that maybe we could cook together and make more home cooked meals which are cheaper than boxed, convenience foods.  He smiled and told me that was a good idea.  See how I complimented him and appealed to his cheapness and in return got him to want to cook for us so I don't have to.  I'm good.

A Happy Woman

P.S.  Sorry for doubting you, Ree!  I love your new Food Network show!

Friday, September 9, 2011


I know that for most people this is Too Much Information!  But I also know there are several people that will get a good laugh out of this.  So I'm giving you the opportunity to exit now......

Anybody still here?  (I can think of a handful who are!)

So I'm walking by the bathroom and caught a glimpse of a nekkid Wesley on the potty.  (My kids have been boycotting all clothes, with the exception of underwear, for these summer months.)  He was trying to "go."  Poor kid has some irregularity issues.  Can't imagine where he got those from........  Anyways, I stepped in to give him some support and encouragement.  Then suddenly the poor little guy strained so hard I heard his back pop!  That is some serious straining!  He did finally get some relief, but GEEZ!  I'm thinking we might start giving him a little coffee for breakfast.  It helps you "go" you know.  At least it helped when he was a baby.....

I told you......TMI!

A Visit From Sweetie and PawPaw

    My parents have come and gone.  This was my daddy's first time to see Loveland and my momma's first time to see my house without boxes everywhere.  It felt like forever before they got here.  It felt like we blinked and they were gone.  We waited until the morning they were coming to tell the boys.  When we got to the airport and my parents hopped in the car, the first things out of the boy's mouths were (Ian) "Why don't you like Harry Potter?" and (Wesley) "I want to go to church!"  Not exactly the "Sweetie!  PawPaw!  We've missed you!  We're so glad you're here!," that I had hoped for.  Who am I kidding?  I should know by now not to hope for such things.  Instead of writing on and on about how our visit went, I thought I'd share it in pictures.  Here's what we did that week.....

We celebrated "holes-in-one."

We shared lots of kisses and hugs.
We raced super fast go karts.....
....and gloated when we won.

We posed for pictures.
We leaned to the center of the car so it wouldn't go off the road and slide down the side of the mountain.
We enjoyed breathtaking scenery......

 ....and lollipops.
We enjoyed a train ride to Pikes Peak.  More stunning views.....
We saw five states in a matter of moments.  (Maybe they just told us we could see five states.  The air was so thin and we were so loopy, we wouldn't have known any better.)
And then we collapsed.

I can't wait until next year!

The Girl Living in the New Family Vacation Spot