Friday, September 9, 2011

A Visit From Sweetie and PawPaw

    My parents have come and gone.  This was my daddy's first time to see Loveland and my momma's first time to see my house without boxes everywhere.  It felt like forever before they got here.  It felt like we blinked and they were gone.  We waited until the morning they were coming to tell the boys.  When we got to the airport and my parents hopped in the car, the first things out of the boy's mouths were (Ian) "Why don't you like Harry Potter?" and (Wesley) "I want to go to church!"  Not exactly the "Sweetie!  PawPaw!  We've missed you!  We're so glad you're here!," that I had hoped for.  Who am I kidding?  I should know by now not to hope for such things.  Instead of writing on and on about how our visit went, I thought I'd share it in pictures.  Here's what we did that week.....

We celebrated "holes-in-one."

We shared lots of kisses and hugs.
We raced super fast go karts.....
....and gloated when we won.

We posed for pictures.
We leaned to the center of the car so it wouldn't go off the road and slide down the side of the mountain.
We enjoyed breathtaking scenery......

 ....and lollipops.
We enjoyed a train ride to Pikes Peak.  More stunning views.....
We saw five states in a matter of moments.  (Maybe they just told us we could see five states.  The air was so thin and we were so loopy, we wouldn't have known any better.)
And then we collapsed.

I can't wait until next year!

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  1. This one made me tear up Rachel! I loved the pictures of the boys loving on Sweetie and PawPaw. Makes me sad that we can't see each other more often. Give them kisses from us and know that Anna Grace asks about them all the time. See you at Thanksgiving! Love you!

  2. Your blog is so neat & u r so cleaver with your titles. I have none of those talents. Love the pics, especially the one of Sweetie & Ian. so special. Can I be part of your family & come visit too?? LOL I love traveling & seeing sites thru other ppls pics- much cheaper. take care. K


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