Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Culottes and Shin Socks

So today was my big boy's first day of school.  I can not believe he is old enough for school!  It seems like only yesterday he was at the pantry asking for doo-wah's (that's cookies) and ro-ro (that's peanut butter) and crawling all over Ro-Ro (that's our dog- Confusing I know.  Imagine my frustration).  Anyhoo, today was the big day.  Last night I let him pick out his clothes for this morning.  I'm not too particular on what he wears, so I had no problem with him picking it out.  He chose a nice red shirt with "Freedom" written across it.  Not surprising to me as red is his favorite color.  And green.  He thinks everyone must have two favorite colors.  He also chose a pair of navy blue gym shorts.  Didn't exactly match the red shirt with black letters, but I'm cool with that.  So this morning he gets himself dressed and happily hops down stairs.  I take one look at him and think, "Yeesh!  Is that really how I want him to look on his first ever day of school?!"  I guess it was partially..... ok totally my fault.  When I bought these clothes a few weeks ago, I just assumed that the correct size on the tag meant they would fit him.  So I never tried them on him before now.  I was wrong!  The shirt was big, but I could live with that.  The shorts, however, were culottes!  "Ian.  Baby.  Maybe we should get you another pair of shorts."  "But I like these shorts."  "But they're a little too big, sweetie."  "No they aren't."  "Yes. They are."  "No they aren't."  "Yes, they.... Fine.  Whatever."  We have enough battles in this house.  I choose mine wisely!  "Well, can we at least roll your waistband down once.  Here.  Like this."  "NO!  I don't like that.  I like them like this."   Bah!  Oh well, it can't get any worse, right?  Wrong!  As my sweet child put on his ankle socks, he proceeded to pull them up as high as he could get them.  Mid shin, in fact.  I tried in vain to persuade him to pull them back down to his ankles, but you can imagine how that went.  (Read the previous battle and apply it to the sock situation if you just really can't imagine!)  Alas we were ready to go.  I pulled out the camera and began to snap a few "first day of school" pictures.  This was the result of Ian dressing himself.

Isn't that McDonald's happy meal light saber toy awesome.  He could totally take out an entire miniature clone army with that thing.  But don't's not real.  It won't hurt you.  He assured his Sweetie of this when talking to her on Skype the other night.  As awesome as it is, I really would have preferred the picture without it, but this is what happened when I asked him to put it away...
As someone else said.....Pure Disappointment.  Fine!  Keep the dern thing!  Now for a back shot...
See.  I told you.  Culottes!  And check out the gray heel of his socks.  Right where they should be.  Peeking out of the back of his shoes.  (I'm rolling my eyes.)  And here's one more of my sweet, adorable, precious little angels.
 The moment after this picture was taken Wesley "let one go" on his brother, they erupted into giggles, and the photo shoot was over.  Ahhh....little boys.

Good Night,


  1. Even though I had heard this story already from you over the phone, it still made me laugh all over again!!!! So glad you "pick your battles" and let him be himself! Love you Ian!!!! <3

  2. Rachel, this outfit is not nearly as bad as one my 7 year-old Ryan wore to church one day. Don't know if you saw it on FB, but: dark brown with orange & white floral Hawaiian shirt, grey & red plaid shorts, kelly green knee-high soccer socks & black & orange light up tennies.


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