Monday, March 19, 2012


    We have a new word at our house.  Smackapootchie.  Pronounced Smack-ah-pooch-ee, for those of you who don't understand "goofball."  I say it's a new word.  It's actually been around for a few months.  My husband made it up.  At least he told me he did.  I guess he could be lying and he actually stole it from someone else, but I highly doubt it.
 The word could be a term of endearment.....

"I love you my Smackapootchie!"

It can be used as a combined verb-noun....

"Get it clean before I Smackapootchie!"

Or a means of harassment.

"I- "Wesley you're a Smackapootchie!"
W- "No I is not, Iah!"
I- "Yes you are! HaHa!"
W- "No I is not!  Momma, Iah call me a Smackapootchie!"
R -"Stop calling him that, Ian."
I- "But he is a Smackapootchie!"
W- "Momma!"
R- "I said STOP!"
B- "You're my Smackapootchie."
R- "Awww....  Thank you, dear.""

You should try using this versatile term today.  It could bring some wanted or possibly unwanted excitement to your day.

Brian's Smackapootchie

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