Monday, October 31, 2011

Cookie House Fail

    So a few nights ago we decided to make haunted houses with the boys.  We'd come across this little kit at the grocery store. 
Doesn't it look like fun!  I couldn't wait to sit down with the boys and see what masterpieces we could create.  I pictured us sitting around the table laughing and letting our creative juices flow.  Brian and I would sit back in awe of the little Picasso's that God had given us.  The kids would be so thankful for the fun night with mom and dad. This was definitely something easy enough for the kids to help with.  How hard could it be to squirt icing out of a bag and push candy pieces into a blob of icing?  I knew it would be messy, but it's worth it when you have adorable little cookie houses at the end.  I had envisioned taking pictures of our creations and posting a blog to brag about how artistic and smart my kids are. I was so excited!  I am so stupid.
    Those suckers were hard!  The icing was super messy, runny, and didn't taste very good.  The boys were bored almost immediately.  Wesley kept begging to eat it.  Ian just pointed and told his daddy where to put what.  (He's not a fan of getting his hands dirty.)  We decided to call it quits after about half an hour.  Here's the results.  Ian's cookie house....
His is the flattened one.  It collapsed almost immediately. He started to cry, but then he realized he could go ahead and eat it, and he didn't have to continue with the messy icing.  He was cool with that.  Here's Wesley's.....
I told you he kept begging to eat it!  Here's mine....
Pathetic?  I know.  It was crying over it's own appearance.  There's even a little snot dribbling from its nose.  I feel for you ugly cookie house.  Moving on to Mr. Fancy Pants' house.......

Cute, huh?  What you can't see is that it took him like, hmmm....I don't know.....FOREVER!  He had big plans for this thing but was worn out and called it quits after the roof.
    So, would you like to see the beautiful picture I had planned for all of our creations.  The one that was gonna make everyone envious of my wonderfully talented family.  Drum roll please! 
Yeah......who am I kidding?  My kids aren't artsy fartsy.  They have little to no attention span and they're DESTRUCTIVE!  So I guess this picture is a lot more accurate than anything I had dreamed up.  Made a memory though, and that's what counts!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

P.S.  Missy, could you resuscitate our mother?


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