Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Reasons I Love Grooming Dogs

    I groomed a Pom today.  That would be a Pomeranian.  I wish I would've taken a picture to share with you all.  He came in a hot mess and left a total stud.  I looooooooved grooming him.  I had a big, goofy smile on my face the entire time.  I'm glad nobody saw me.  They may have thought I had a few screws loose.  Most people do NOT like handling dirty dogs.  Or blow drying their own dogs.  Or shaving their own dogs.  I, however, enjoy taking care of other people's dirty, shaggy dogs.  I love grooming dogs!  Why?  I'll tell you.

1.  I LOVE DOGS!  In case you hadn't figured that out yet.

2.  I love combining my two passions.  Dogs & Creativity

3.  I love instant gratification, and I consider grooming a dog from start to finish in an hour or two somewhat instant.

4.  I love watching hair disappear into my clipper vac.  It never gets old.

5.  I love the sound the scissors make.  Shink....Shink...Shink....  Music to my ears.

6.  I love blow drying dogs.  I have no idea why.

7.  I love the smell of dog shampoo and cologne.

8.  I love hearing owners squeal and "ooooo" and "ahhhh" over their freshly groomed family members.  It means they appreciate my work.

9.  I love that I can do it from my own home, thanks to my husband who dislikes dogs but loves me more. 

10.  I love holding a happy, clean dog up to my cheek and giving it a hug.  Then again, doesn't everyone have the desire to rub their face on other people's dogs?

    There were people who questioned my choice to become a dog groomer.  I had planned on going to college on a scholarship.  It seemed like the logical thing to do after high school, although my heart was never truly in it.  About six weeks before I was supposed to start school, I came across a memo saying the corporation I worked for was looking for people interested in learning to groom.  They would be holding a four week class in the next couple of months.  Grooming was something I had thought about doing for years but had no idea how to get started in it.  Here was my chance.  I discussed it with Brian and decided to put off college for one semester.  The rest is history.  I did take one college class in the Summer of 2009, but that just solidified my choice to be a dog groomer.  I guess it's pointless to try and do something other than what you were born to do, and for me that's grooming dogs!

The Groomer

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