Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Right Way to Eat a Candy Bar

    Today I am going to share with you the correct way to eat a candy bar.  And yes.  There is a correct way.  All the other ways are just plain weird. 

Step 1:  Go to the egg compartment thingy in your refrigerator door.

Step 2:  Remove the eggs and select one of the candy bars you have hidden behind them.
(Yeah, uh huh.  I bet you thought I was crazy when you heard the egg part.  This is a perfect place to hide candy bars.  Especially if you like them refrigerator cold like I do.  No one will ever find them.  My husband doesn't even know these are back there.)

(Well........he didn't until now.)

Step 3:  Unwrap this precious, life giving, sanity sustaining morsel and thank God for giving it to you. 
(By the way, 3 Musketeers are the perfect candy bar for refrigeration.  No hard caramel or nuts to deal with.)

(Kit Kat's work well, too.)

Step 4:  Eat the chocolate off of the ends.

Step 5:  Now the sides.

Step 6:  Now the top.
 (I realized when I looked at this picture that I probably could have pulled the chocolate off with my fingers instead of using my teeth.  Then maybe you wouldn't have to see the drool I left behind.  But it was sooooooo good.)

Step 7:  Then the bottom.

Step 8:  Lastly, pop the soft little nougat in your mouth and let it melt!

And THAT my friends is how you eat a candy bar!

Good day!

P.S.   I absolutely LOVE that little zig zag pattern on the bottom of candy bars.
If it came in wallpaper I'd line my closet with it. 



  1. Ok I prefer dark choc reese besides is there any other way to eat choc ?!?!?!?!

  2. You are a genius...except for the "revealing where the candy is hidden part." I prefer Kit Kat's myself, but I usually hide them in the cabinet inside of a casserole dish. :)

  3. Oh...I'm safe in my "reveal" because my hubby doesn't EVER get on the computer.

  4. I think the little zigzag is called chevron and I have seen it on walls in pics on pinterest....you should check it out.


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